Eurasia Oil Services
Who we are

EOS was founded in 2012 by a multinational group of dynamic and well-connected energy professionals as a niche business development and management consultancy firm dedicated to the E&P and the upstream service sector. EOS is the leader in targeted identification of potential industrial partners, negotiation and set-up of partnerships, alliances and joint ventures as well as in turn-key business development services for the upstream petroleum industry. We are your trusted advisor all the way from your first approach of a new market to signing a truly operational partnership agreement with a thoroughly selected industrial player.

Our management consultancy services are designed to help you find your way and secure business at every step of your venture, whether you are a newcomer into our markets or boast a solid and successful experience. We have more than 20 years of experience in successfully completing partnerships or delivering outstanding business development results for both small and medium-sized OEMs, service and technology providers as well as large E&P or service companies.

We do deliver

Jean Januard, one of our co-founders and partners, recently joined us as CEO. Jean has spent the past 20 years in the upstream and energy business in various regions. Prior to becoming CEO at EOS Jean held several executive positions with leading E&P software, service and technology companies. Jean joined ION Geophysical Corporation as Vice President for Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). While serving at ION, Jean led the charge in the negotiation process of the ION-LARGEO alliance and eventually served as LARGEO’s Chairman of the Board for more than 18 months. Jean then served as Vice President of EMEA and South Asia at Seismic Micro-Technology, Inc., a private G&G software company, which was later taken over by IHS. Jean’s leadership at ION and later on at SMT helped drive the growth of the business multiple fold. Jean then held various senior executive positions in a couple of G&G and mid-stream software companies and eventually served as CEO at LARGEO, an independent geoscience data service company based in Moscow with a subsidiary in Kazakhstan.

Earlier on, Jean was involved in setting up a petroleum asset evaluation partnership operating in Russia (West Siberia and Arctic regions) and Kazakhstan. Jean also served in several business development roles in Azerbaijan and the Caspian region where he took an active part in setting up joint ventures and alliances between first class Western EPC companies and local major industrial players.
Jean was successively based in Azerbaijan, Russia, Europe and the Middle East and has an extensive multicultural experience. Jean works in English, Russian and French.
EOS welcomes Jean to the team and we look forward to adding more people as we grow the business.

Jean Januard

Hussein has 34 years of oil industry experience with Schlumberger. First in 1984 as a Field Engineer in Egypt for 2 years, then moved to several international assignments, holding various operational, technical, regional and executive management positions across the Middle East, Asia, North, West & East Africa.

Hussein started his first managerial assignment as Field Service Manager in Nigeria in 1992.  Then Regional Operations Manager, D&M, for North & East Africa & East Mediterranean countries. From 2001, held several senior positions in the D&M Segment for the Middle East and Asia countries.ese, French, English and Spanish.

From 2007 Hussein became GM, Oilfield Services in Yemen until 2010 when he resumed MD & VP role for Oilfield Services in the UAE until 2016. His last assignment at Schlumberger was MD & VP for Egypt and East Mediterranean. Hussein joined EOS early 2019.

Hussein holds B.Sc. (Hons) in Geology & Geophysics and M.Sc. (Hons) in Petroleum Geology.Hussein is an active member of the SPE and of the British Egyptian Business Association (BEBA). He served as ADIPEC Executive Committee Member for 6 years and twice as EGYPS Executive Committee Member.

Hussein Fouad El Ghazzawy

Kirsten Mc Aloon has over 30 years professional experience in the oil and gas and finance sectors. For 20 years she worked on some of the largest oil and gas projects worldwide in several countries of the Former Soviet Union (Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Sakhalin, Siberia and the Arctic), the Middle east (Kuwait) and Africa (Nigeria and Angola) in HSE, asset and project management.

Kirsten first worked for ERM, a reputable environmental impact service company, and she served in some of the largest and most prestigious international oil companies such as Shell, TNK-BP, Total and OMV.

Currently Kirsten has been seconded to NAUDET, a leading loss adjustor firm  as energy claims specialist/loss adjustor working on worldwide large insurance claims in the oil and gas and power sector.

Ms. Mc Aloon is fluent in Russian, Mandarin Chinese, French, English and Spanish.

Kirsten Mc Aloon

Eurasia Oil Services – Your Gateway to Business in Eurasia


► Представление интересов клиента в странах региона
►​ Поиск местных партнёров и заказчиков, организация переговоров.
►​ Проведение первичных презентаций.
►​ Квалификация у местных заказчиков.
►​ Подбор местных партнеров.
►​ Тендерная компания, организация требуемых юридических форм присутствия в стране (филиал, дочерняя компания, партнерство, самостоятельное предприятие).
► Организация регистрации клиента в надзорных странах региона.
►​ Внештатное стратегическое развитие

Стратегический и управленческий консалтинг
в отношении нефтесервисных рынков стран
Ближнего Востока

► Подготовка обзоров рынка страны и региона, адаптированных под каждого конкурентного клиента и вид сервиса.
► Разработка стратегии вхождения на рынок.
► Индивидуальный подбор заказчиков под каждого клиента.
► Организация первичных встреч и презентаций у приоритетных заказчиков.

Стратегическое развитие бизнеса

► Развитие бизнеса и стратегического менеджмента
► Поиск и подбор решений по расширению и оптимизации бизнеса в странах Ближнего Востока.
► Консультационные услуги по стратегическому развитию компаний.
► Управление развитием вашего бизнеса «под ключ».
► Вы так же можете отдать нам в субподряд развитие вашего бизнеса.
► Поиск и отбор агентов, дистрибьюторов и партнёров.
► Консультационные услуги по управлению бизнесом.
► Подбор персонала.

Поставка оборудования

► Аренда, продажа и организация поставок нового и использованного оборудования для геологоразведки (геофизическое, сейсмическое и буровое), осуществляющимся недавно приобретённым предприятием ООО "Митчам Сейсмик Евразия". 
► Поставки ЗИП для геологоразведочного оборудования.
► Дистрибуция специализированного программного обеспечения для обработки и интерпретации геофизических данных, бассейного моделирования.
► Новое бизнес-направление Eurasia Oil Supplies, развивается в рамках специализированного аффилированного предприятия - EOS EURASIA OIL SUPPLIES F.Z.C.
Strategy and Management Consulting for
Oil & Gas Service companies in Russia
and most countries of the CIS.

► Country and region-focused Market review, tailor-made to specific clients and type of service.
► Market entry strategy.
► Research and identification of specific target clients and partners for each service supplier and each project if applicable.
► End-to-end in-country business support with set-up of meetings and presentations to target customers.


► Identification and thorough selection of potential partners
► Negotiation and Set-up of alliances, partnerships,
Joint-ventures or M&As in the upstream service industry.
► Management Consultancy.
► Negotiation and Legal assistance.

Strategic business development


► Strategic Business Development

► Turn-key business development services.

You can outsource your business development services
directly to us.

► Research and Identification of sales channel partners.

► Management Consulting Services.


Equipment supplies

► Lease, sales and brokering of used and new O&G
exploration equipment (geophysical, seismic and drilling).
► Procurement of spare parts and accessories for O&G exploration equipment.
► Distribution of specialized software for data processing, interpretation and basin modeling.
► New business line under the name of Eurasia Oil Supplies,
managed in a separate sister company called - EOS EURASIA OIL SUPPLIES F.Z.C.

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